Pardalote Parliament - Original Oil Painting Framed with Natural Oak Timber Floating Frame

92cm (W) x 92cm (H) x 4.5cm (D)
Artist Oils on Stretched Canvas
$ 1,100.00

These tiny spotted birds live high in the eucalyptus treetops across Southern and Eastern Australia and are rarely seen, but often heard. Native to Australia, they are very small, bright coloured birds, with short tails and beaks and noisy vocals - sometimes referred to as ‘headache birds’. Pardalotes fight regularly with Honeysuckle birds over lerp insects. Their role in controlling lerp infestations in the eucalyptus forests of Australia may be significant. Painted during the 2018 Liberal party turmoil, where the noise and antics of the Pardalotes seemed to closely resemble that of our political leaders.

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Susan Bray