Rescue Kitten

018: Rescue Kitten

21cm (W) x 29cm (H)
Artist Oils on Canvas Oil Paper
$ 100.00

Susan Bray Art
This is the Original Artists Oil Painting

Oil Study No 18 - Project 100

We had a few cats when I was growing up, Felix, Snoopy, and Spunky. They were always entertaining and had such different personalities. I recall Felix becoming Felixina after having kittens!

This painting reminds me a lot of a little cross-eyed kitten I found crying in the reeds on the bank of the River Torrens after school rowing practice. There were no other cats around and no homes nearby. He was skinny but friendly, and I was worried about him, so took him home in my sports bag on the train and he meowed all the way! I wasn't sure if cats were allowed on the train, but we made it home with a few strange glances from other passengers. That day I pretended I was the Pharaoh's daughter and aptly named the little kitten Moses. :D

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Susan Bray