High Country Dapples

96cm (W) x 65cm (H) x 5cm (D)
Artist Oils on Stretched Canvas

Susan Bray Art
Framed in a Solid Timber Raw Oak Frame

This painting was inspired after an amazing five night City Slicker style pack horse adventure to Mt Fainter in the high country of Victoria, Australia.

On the ride home we rode down a long, steep, very slippery mountain during a wild High Country thunderstorm. The lightning cracked above us and the thunder clash was incredibly loud. Our horses were fabulous and not spooked, just keen to get home for a rest. This was an amazing adventure with Bogong Horseback Adventures and I felt like I was a superstar in a movie scene!

The coats on these warm-bloods reflect the colours in the stormy sky. As I painted, I imagined them whinnying and anxiously running for home after hearing thunder in the hills. The little grey with his head high says ‘wait for me!’

Susan Bray